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Top 7 Benefits of Custom Packaging for eCommerce Shipments

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Make a sale? It’s time to celebrate — but just for a moment, because your customers want their order as soon as possible. One way to streamline the phase before shipping is to decide how to box up their order. That’s where custom packaging options can come in handy.

Your packaging serves several essential purposes — it protects your customers’ purchases during shipping and supports your brand image. And it may even play a role in whether customers buy from you again.

Customizing this piece of the shipping puzzle can benefit your brand in a number of ways. Here are seven opportunities to improve the customer experience just by adding some subtle nuances to your packaging.

1. Create a unique unboxing experience.

Anyone can spot an Amazon package a mile away. Amazon has done such a great job of branding its basic cardboard boxes that you never have to guess where those packages came from.

But because those packages are so plain and predictable, there’s not much of a wow factor to them. They’re made for efficiency and not much else.

This is a huge opportunity for smaller eCommerce brands to make a difference. By using custom packaging, you can create unique unboxing experiences that surprise and delight your customers. Everything from the box to the filler to the arrangement of the items can be customized in some way.

When your customers open their packages, they can see how you’ve packaged their items with care.

2. Stand out from other brands.

In a world where businesses are constantly vying for attention, custom packaging can help you stand out from the rest. By tailoring your packaging to fit your brand identity, you can create a unique look that will make your products more memorable. And since first impressions are everything, custom packaging can be the key to winning over new customers.

Of course, custom packaging comes with a higher price tag than standard options. But if you consider the benefits – increased sales, better brand recognition, and improved customer loyalty – it’s worth the investment. Plus, with so many ways to customize your packaging (from material and print to shape and size), there’s no need to break the bank.

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3. Increase your brand value.

First impressions are everything for eCommerce brands. Since customers don’t have the option to physically shop in your store, you need to rely on other ways to build your brand image.

Custom packaging can help you increase your brand value by creating a strong first impression. Packaging can offer a luxury look and feel, allowing your customers to set high expectations for the quality of your products.

4. Create a more professional appearance.

When it comes to product packaging, the old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies. Cheap, flimsy packaging not only looks bad, but can also damage your product.

Custom packaging, on the other hand, gives your product a professional appearance and can help to protect it from damage. It also looks like you took the extra mile to secure your customers’ purchases, which automatically makes you look more professional and trustworthy.

5. Protect your products during transport.

We’ve touched on this a little already, but it bears repeating. When you try to go the cheap route and not protect your items during transport, you risk having those items come back to you broken or damaged. And there’s nothing like product damage to sour a customer and make them hesitant to order from you again.

Adding custom packaging to your eCommerce shipments doesn’t cost much. In fact, it’s more like an investment in your products’ protection to make your customers happy and avoid costly returns.

 6.Use only what you really need.

When you rely on basic packaging options, you’re at the mercy of pre-defined sizes that might or might not suit the items you sell. Custom packaging gives you more flexibility over how you protect your products in the shipping box. You can avoid wasting packing material by using only what you really need, which can also help you keep your costs low.

7. Give your brand more staying power.

Giving your customers an unboxing experience beyond the basics can help them remember your brand when they’re ready to shop again. Things like unexpected colors, materials, textures, and arrangements stand out more than you might realize. All of these elements combine to create unique experiences that give your brand a little je nais se quois your customers will remember.

Types of Custom Packaging for eCommerce Shipments

How can you customize your packaging for your eCommerce business? Let’s look at some options.

Branded Boxes

Branded shipping boxes set strong expectations from the moment your customer’s package arrives. They know what’s waiting inside and can start getting excited about their order as soon as the package emerges from the mail truck. Plus, your package will stand out in a sea of lookalike brown cardboard boxes.

Gift Wrap and Tissue

Custom gift wraps and tissue help you create a well-rounded brand experience. You can have your business name and logo printed on the paper, or just use your brand colors to make the unboxing experience stand out.

Airpad Void Fill

Airpad void fill comes in many shapes and sizes. You can use these pads to provide buffers between products and provide extra cushion for breakable items. Adding texture to your custom packaging can also help with brand recall and improved perceptions.


Having your own Airpad void filler machine gives you the most ways to customize your packaging. For example, you can measure out only what you need to reduce waste.

Creating Custom Packaging with Fromm

Fromm Packaging Systems Canada brings you the most streamlined custom packaging solutions for your eCommerce business. We make it easy to customize the unboxing experience with protective padding like our AirPad void filler machine, paper machines, and more. Explore our custom packaging solutions today and set a strong foundation for a great eCommerce shipping experience!

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