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FROMM offers worldwide expertise in protective packaging, including Bubble wrap, Airpad film, Void Fill Machines, VCI protective packaging. We offer light, clean, and easily disposable protective materials to avoid product damage and cover all your protective needs. 

FROMM’s high vertical integration, from product design to sales, enables close control over the entire production process, reducing environmental burden wherever possible. Besides optimizing its production processes, FROMM has developed techniques for recycling plastic materials.

With our expertise in integration and superior protection of goods, you can be confident that whether your choice is air cushions or paper, we have put your productivity as our prime focus.

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The FROMM Group designs, develops and produces a wide variety of systems for unitizing and palletizing goods for transport: strapping machines and systems, pallet stretch wrapping machines, the patented Airpad pillow system Void fill machines, together with all necessary consumables.With over 75 years of experience in development,sales and service of wide range of handheld tools  and automated systems for securing transport loads. 

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