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Air cushion faq

Based on your application and requirement, our protective packaging machices provide optimal protection for your product packages through these methods –

         Void filling

        Bubble Wrapping

        Air cushioning (Airpad)

        Recycled Paper Protective Packaging

        Dunnage Bags 

Our Airpad technology is suitable for several B2B and B2C applications and is not constrained by niche. Based on end-use industries,  we service but are not limited to –


  • Ecommerce
  • Personal Care
  • Electronics and Electrical Equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • FMCG
  • Automotive
  • Construction Materials

Typical packaging materials like polystyrene are expensive and hard to handle, making these a less desirable solution for businesses. This is where we at FROMM are making a difference. The FROMM Airpad Film is versatile and highly durable as a packing material. It is available in a variety of specifications and thickness. These can be tailored according to your requirements.

Our air cushion film reliably absorbs impacts, provides good insulation, which is important when shipping valuable products. In addition, since the film is made from recyclable plastic, it can considerably improve your organization’s carbon footprint.They are lighter, which means lower transportation costs and easier handling for logistics, even conforming to the strictest dust-free environment standards. 

Airpad films prevents static electricity buildup in your packaging, making it extremely safe. It’s the right choice to use for void-fill when transporting expensive electronics to your customers. The packing material shouldn’t cause electrostatic discharge or interference when transporting delicate electronic equipment.

Environmental awareness has been a high priority for the global business fraternity. The packaging materials we use can impact the carbon footprint significantly. Our line of recycled paper packaging is made of eco-friendly paper, which still provides the same protection. The materials we lose are also lighter, meaning lower fuel costs during transportation.

Yes,  Airpad void filling air cushions is recyclable. They can be processed and reused for various industrial products. At FROMM, we have phased out all environmentally harmful materials and are taking a more involved stand in reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. All these can translate into improved savings and ROI for your company.

The AP150 is a compact, high-speed packing machine that generates void-fill air cushions at a rate of 18 meters of film per minute.

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