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Gum Tape Dispenser

Efficient & Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

The FC-G82 water activated Gum tape dispenser is an efficient and eco-friendly tool for applying water-activated tape to seal packaging. It’s programmable tape length feature reduces waste and provides a tamper-evident seal.

A Water Activated Tape Dispenser, also known as a gummed paper tape dispenser, is a device used to apply water-activated tape to cartons or boxes for sealing. These types of tapes are designed with an adhesive layer that is moistened with water when applied, creating a strong and secure bond.

The FC-G82 water activated tape dispenser comes standard with a range of benefits including the ability to program multiple tape lengths. This allows the user to dispense the correct amount of tape needed for each box or application, which reduces the waste of tape and ultimately saves money. The dispenser is easy to use, and its compact size makes it convenient to integrate into any packing line.


520 x 250 x 290mm


1,000mm / sec


85 -265 V

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