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5 Tips To Securely Pack A Product For Transportation

Product Packaging has been a pivotal part of the customer-brand relationship. This is especially true in the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic we are going through. The number of consumers has increased, and this has caused a proportionate rise in the number of businesses catering to them as well. 


Years ago, it would be exceptional for a business to handle shipping from the other side of the globe even for a single customer. Today, most businesses offer worldwide shipping as part of their services. Effective packaging has ensured that customers worldwide have direct access to the brands they desire, regardless of their location.

Protective packaging is an essential part of a company’s delivery pipeline. It is important to ensure that your products are protected and delivered safely to the customer. It’s not just about the speed – you also need to factor in turnaround times in case of returns. Packaging should be simple, easy and robust enough for operational efficiency while delivering delight to the customer at every step of the journey.

Let’s look at a few considerations and tips to ensure that you pack the product and transport it without damage or any loss.

1. Prepare Before Packing

The first step to prepare product for shipping is to organize the product and accessories. The next is to measure and confirm the dimensions of the outer box. Measurements are important to ensure that you’re using the right size box, so you’ll have enough space for other items around it. The final step is about preparing packaging materials such as cushioning materials such as air cushions or bubble wrap, scotch tape and stickers. Keep the packaging layout as simple as possible.


2. Choose the Ideal Void Filling Option – Bubble Wrap or Air cushion

At first, it may not be clear which void filling option would be best for your product, but there are a few things to consider. If the item you are shipping has a large surface area and will be stacked on top of other items, air pads can help to cushion any shifting that may occur. In addition, these air cushions are more cost effective than bubble wrap when filling larger volumes. This is because it takes fewer air cushions to achieve the same amount of cushioning.

If you want the ultimate protection for all your products, then bubble wrap and air cushions are the perfect solution. The Innovative air retention bubble wrap will ensure the bubbles will not go flat and are ideal to be used as a void filler in small boxes, or wrap around larger items for additional protection.

Void fillers are a cost-effective option to help improve the protection of your products. Whether it is plastic bubble wrap or airbags, the right void fillers can be effective at reducing damages during shipping. Keep your products safe, secure and jiggle-free with Air Cushion packaging. Using air to seal, it is lightweight and durable making it easy to transport.

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3. First Impression is the best Impression. Appearance is important too.

Not only for protection of your product, Void fill also gives the customer the feel, how much you care for the product.If you’re looking to add a bit of a charm to your packages, Airpad void fills will do a great job! These Air cushions are used to improve your packaging immensely.

This packaging solution is very lightweight, making it a popular option to keep shipping costs down. With a high void percentage and sturdy design, these void fillers are the ideal way to reduce the weight of your shipments.

4. Opt for Recyclable Alternatives

New forms of sustainable packaging will continue to develop as the need for eco-friendlier alternatives grows. Consumers are looking for alternatives in packaging and brands that provide sustainable packaging materials. Brand owners operate in a fiercely competitive market environment, faced with meeting consumer demands for high quality products at low costs while competing with other brands for shelf space and product recognition. As such, the design and packaging, being usually the first visual contact with consumers, should be distinctive and attractive in order to maximise the market appeal of the product. This has provided brand owners with one of its strongest marketing tools.

The Airpad Paper cushion film from FROMM is a recyclable cushioning solution. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and paper, this product offers great performance at a lower cost compared to the LLDPE version.

5.Rethinking Your Packaging- Reduce Transportation Costs

When it comes to packaging, every little bit counts. The lesser material you use for your packaging, the more you can reduce packaging costs for your products. Small savings in weight can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars saved through transportation costs in a year, and it’s not just about the weight. This is where airpads have a distinct advantage – 90% of an airpad is just air.

In short, optimal choice and use of packaging material can reduce overheads and turnaround times. But companies shouldn’t forget the fact that packaging has a tangible bearing on consumer perception and brand recall. They need to work on making it as memorable as efficient to transport.


Packaging is more than a matter of convenience: It helps you brand your product, reinforce claims about its quality, save space in storage and shipping, and protect its contents from damaging elements. The kind of packaging your business chooses adds several benefits to your brand, many tangible and some not so obvious.

  • It drives down packaging and logistics costs.
  • It helps with branding and drawing leads.
  • It improves credibility, especially with sustainable packaging.

Even though the world is going digital, you cannot ignore the role of packaging for your business. Packaging can make or break a product, and that’s why it should be attractive, engaging, and above all else – functional. A good packaging will  take better care of the product and ship it securely.

If you’re ready to improve safety and streamline your packaging operations, get in touch with the experts. They can help you choose the right solution for your protective packaging needs.


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